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Privately Performing Sex

  • the red victorian (map)

In what ways do we frequently follow scripts 'in the bedroom'--performing these scripts about sex and sexuality for ourselves and our partners and rarely peering behind and beyond them? How does media and culture 'mediate' our sexual encounters by standardizing regimes of expectation, tropes, roles, and narratives about passionate love-making and/or dispassionate fucking? Where do these scripts come from, and what kinds of barriers do they place on communication, pleasure, solidarity and exploration? How might we shatter and push beyond these scripts, or at least embody them consciously as scenes, rather than as unannounced mass performances within a series of unquestioned expectations and standards?

_8:00 pm - Doors open
_8:30 pm - Talk: Privately Performing Sex
_9:00 pm - Workshop - TBA
_9:30 pm - Exploration space
_11:30 pm - Tidy up the space (as a free event, we ask our guests to please assist in this.

Critical Hedonism(s) is a social movement dedicated to redefining the ways that care and pleasure circulate and get expressed, integrating critical, analytical thought with experimentation and exploration. More here:

*This event WILL likely involve sex and/or nudity. All attendees must be at least 18 years of age. We are compelled by the law to check IDs at the door, so please bring a valid, state-issued ID. This is a sex-positive, consent-oriented, trans-inclusive, body-positive space. Please respect other people’s choices, refrain from judgement about others’ pleasures or desires, respect everyone’s gender/identity expressions and body shapes, and obtain explicit consent before touching or engaging intimately with anyone. We reserve the right to ask attendees to leave at any time, and for any reason.

*Cover image is from Sophie Ebrard's 'It's Just Love' series.

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