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(Uncritical) Aristocratic Hedonism

  • the red victorian (map)

Are permissive, urban enclaves like San Francisco and New York genuinely liberatory? Throughout history, the aristocratic classes have frequently enjoyed splendor, luxury, bodily enjoyments, and, at many times and in many places, downright debauchery. In many ways, these uncritical and exploitative hedonisms have inspired the condemnation of the middle and lower classes, in the form of religious and other principled attacks on the glaring, hypocritical behaviors of society’s most powerful. In fact, much of the episodic puritanical intervention that our society has experienced throughout the ages has been a backlash against aristocratic hedonism built upon and paid for by the suffering of the lower classes. This discussion examines the relationship between scarcity, power, the concentration of enjoyment, and ‘ressentiment,’ exploring the ways in which top-down imposition of ascetic order has frequently backfired by becoming a universal moral standard expected of all (and not just the working classes). What does it mean to be in an era of unprecedented overall wealth, and how might redistribution of both material comfort and permissivity lead to a genuinely ethical mode of hedonistic pleasure for all?

_8:00 pm - Doors open
_8:30 pm - Talk: (Uncritical) Aristocratic Hedonism - Eric
_9:00 pm - Workshop: TBA
_9:30 pm - Exploration space
_11:30 pm - Tidy up the space (as a free event, we ask our guests to please assist in this.

Critical Hedonism(s) is a social movement dedicated to redefining the ways that care and pleasure circulate and get expressed, integrating critical, analytical thought with experimentation and exploration. More here:

*This event WILL likely involve sex and/or nudity. All attendees must be at least 18 years of age. We are compelled by the law to check IDs at the door, so please bring a valid, state-issued ID. This is a sex-positive, consent-oriented, trans-inclusive, body-positive space. Please respect other people’s choices, refrain from judgement about others’ pleasures or desires, respect everyone’s gender/identity expressions and body shapes, and obtain explicit consent before touching or engaging intimately with anyone. We reserve the right to ask attendees to leave at any time, and for any reason.

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